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A statement from the OCA board of directors

October 1, 2023

US Chess recently adopted a requirement for all tournament directors (TDs) to receive training from the US Center for SafeSport to enhance these volunteers’ ability to conduct chess tournaments with the safety of all players in mind. The OCA board, recognizing the value of this training, recently adopted a resolution to pay the small cost of this training ($19.00 for the initial training) for all Oklahoma TDs directing tournaments in Oklahoma.

This enables our TDs to better serve Oklahoma chess players. The training is consistent with our goal of sponsoring and supporting chess activities—especially chess tournaments—in an appropriately competitive environment where all chess players can develop and pit their abilities against each other. We want all chess players, regardless of their background, life experiences and personal characteristics, to share our life-long love of chess.

If something occurs at an Oklahoma tournament that causes you to feel concerned, particularly if you feel your safety or that of another player has been compromised, please bring your concerns to the tournament director. The TD will take your concern seriously and take appropriate action.

This is especially important if this concern involves the conduct of another person at the event, whether or not they are a competitor. If the problem impacts you, it impacts the tournament. By giving the tournament director the opportunity to address the problem, you’ll help us ensure a safe and welcoming environment for all players.

You may also report matters of concern to US Chess, whether it occurred at an Oklahoma tournament or at any other US Chess-sanctioned event.

Phone: 314.661.9500, extension 8

By Web: reporting form available at

All of us are chess players! We are absolutely committed to ensuring that everyone should feel welcome and safe while attending and competing in Oklahoma chess. We want them to leave each tournament feeling satisfied they were provided a full opportunity to play chess and eager to return to the next event.

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