End of an era: Oklahoma Chess Monthly publishes its final issue

12/01/2021  But the news isn't as bad as it sounds. Read all about it, plus annotated games from the 5th Frank K. Berry Memorial and upcoming tournament news, in the December 2021 Oklahoma Chess Monthly.


While you're there, you might notice that something else has changed—we're proud to be the new host for Frank Berry's Okie Database, comprising 17,000+ games by Oklahoma chess players from 1914 to the present. Our thanks to Tom Braunlich for maintaining and updating this treasure chest of Oklahoma chess history, and for allowing us to present it to you here. 

5th FKB Memorial a testament to Berry's influence

11/16/2021  Six years ago, Oklahoma lost a beloved and iconic tournament director and organizer. Frank Berry's tremendous influence on our chess community will be felt for generations.

It's fitting that the two players who tied for first in the Open, NM Ryan Amburgy and Sho Glashauser, gained important early chess experience playing in Frank's tournaments.

Sho was 10 the first time he made the trip from Kansas to an Oklahoma tournament. The first person he remembers meeting was Frank Berry. After finding himself in a tough Open section and scoring  just 1 out of 5 points, he remembers getting encouragement from Frank, who had been watching his games.

Luke Tran, Sho Glasshauser, 5th Frank K. Berry Memorial Chess Tournament.png

Sho Glashauser (KS) tied with NM Ryan Amburgy for first place in the 5th Frank K. Berry Memorial, held Nov. 13 & 14 at the Cattle Country Lodge in Stroud.

"Frank told me not to despair over the results," he said. "He told me to simply enjoy the game and learn as much as I could from my encounters with advanced players." Sho said he looks back fondly at those early OCF tournaments and notes their significant influence on his development as a chess player. "Frank was perpetually entertaining and encouraging."

Chris Amburgy remembers taking a young Ryan to one of these events.

"We were new to the chess scene and it was all a bit intimidating," he said. But Frank put them both at ease, and made a point of making Ryan feel welcome.


"Frank was patient and kind and always made an effort to interact with Ryan. No doubt, his influence helped Ryan feel more confident in pursuing his love of chess."

53 players participated in this year's event. Chief TD and organizer was Tom Braunlich. It was held at the Cattle Country Lodge in Stroud.


All in the family: Charles D. ("Chuck") Unruh and Charles M. Unruh after winning their divisions at the 62nd Annual U.S. Armed Forces Chess Championships, held October 8–11 in Grapevine, TX.


10/12/2021 There were two Open divisions at last week's 62nd U.S. Armed Forces Championships, and an Unruh from Oklahoma won 'em both.

Charles M. Unruh took first place in the U.S. Armed Forces Open Championship, and Charles D. "Chuck" Unruh took first in the Veterans' Open Championship. 

Our congratulations to Chuck and Charles, and our thanks to organizer Jim Hollingsworth for putting on this outstanding event for active and retired military personnel.

Missouri player
takes top prize
at 53rd Jerry Spann 

10/12/2021 Fifty-six players from across the region and as far as South Carolina came to play in the 53rd Jerry Spann Memorial, October 9 & 10 in downtown Tulsa. Missouri player Julian Proleiko took first in the Open division with 4.0 out of 5 points. Just a half-point off the leader were Oklahoma's Matt Dalthorp, Daniel Herman (Colorado), and Luke Tran (Kansas).

In the Reserve (U1800), Oklahoma's 

Elizabeth Braddy at 53rd Jerry Spann.jpg

Elizabeth Braddy was evidently not daunted by the 228-point rating difference between herself and top seed Ryan McCrea (South Carolina). Their round five draw put both at 4.0 points and tied for first with two Missouri players, Jacob Sanders and Robert Talbot. Two Oklahoma players, William Lin and Braden Kelly, tied for first in the Novice section. Both scored 4.5 points. 

Our thanks to Chief TD Tom Braunlich, who organized the event, and to assistant TDs Josie Braddy and Harold Brown. 

Dalthorp wins OKC September Rapids

OKC rapids Dalthorp_edited.jpg

Matt Dalthorp with the white pieces vs. Thomas Nguyen in round one of the OKC September Rapids, held September 25 at St. John's Episcopal Church.

OKC Rapids continue newcomer trends

9/1/2021 by Tom Braunlich
The recent trend toward high tournament participation with lots of brand-new players continues. New players who started fooling around with online chess the past year during the pandemic have apparently become hungry to try their hand at “real” in-person over-the-board chess...

Read the full article in this month's Oklahoma Chess Monthly. You'll also find annotated games featuring Matt Dalthorp, Joseph Zacharias, Joe Veal, Jake FergusonJessica Kyle, Tom Braunlich, and Ryan Amburgy. 

Clockwise from left: Joseph Zacharias, Benjamin Li, Raymond Jiang, and Liam Applegate at the OSCO Blitz Championship, held 9/18/21 in Moore.

Scholastic chess returns at last!

Ben, Raymond, Joseph, Liam.jpg

9/21/2021 After 18 months off, scholastic chess resumed in Oklahoma last week with a blitz event held at Moore High School. Max Barnes was named state scholastic blitz champion. Read more and check the full results on our scholastics page.

Amburgy's rise continues; another win for Singh

9/8/2021 Twelve Oklahoma players made the trip to Irving, Texas last weekend for the 87th Annual Southwest Open. An impressive round 5 win against GM Razvan Preotu was the highlight of the tournament for NM Ryan Amburgy, who finished at #10 in the 76-player Open.

Viraj Singh went undefeated in the Novice section, where he scored an outstanding 6.0 and added to his growing list of first-place wins. He also added to his rating, which shot up a whopping 182 points to 1283. 


A total of 204 players competed in three sections at the event, which was sponsored by the Dallas Chess Club and organized by Luis Salinas. Louis Reed was chief arbiter. Check out the event crosstable here


By Jim Hollingsworth for the Texas Chess Association. Reprinted with permission.

Viraj Singh, an Oklahoma 7th grade student, topped the 41-player Novice section of the 87th Annual Southwest Open, with a near perfect 6/7.0 score.


Two draws against a couple of tough Texans were the only things preventing a complete sweep. Along the way he scored decisive wins over five other Texans.

Barb and Viraj_edited.jpg

PHOTO BY JIM HOLLINGSWORTH: Barbara Swafford of the Dallas Chess Club presents Viraj Singh with his 1st-place prize at the 2021 Southwest Open. 

Singh is no stranger to winning Texas tournaments. In July, He scored 4.5/5 and won the Reserve section of the 4th Queen City of the Prairie and Fort Worth Championship. He has made a name for himself in several U.S. Chess categories: 57th percentile for all USA Juniors, 40th Percentile for all USA players, Ranked Number 80 for all Oklahoma chess players.

UPDATED 8/7/2021 4:52 PM CST:
NM Ryan Amburgy finishes in third place at the U.S. Open Blitz!

Amburgy shines at Denker along with a strong contingent of Oklahoma players

Going into round five of this year's GM Arnold Denker Tournament of High School State Champions, Oklahoma player NM Ryan Amburgy had the highest score of any Oklahoma Denker rep at that point in the tournament. He had just beaten an IM and was tied for first with GM Awonder Liang (and a few other IMs).


Amburgy's performance in the event was outstanding, and he's not done yet—as of this writing, he sits at 4.5 out of 5 in the U.S. Open (with four rounds to go). Other Oklahoma players in the tournament are Joshua Li, Mujtuba Yousufi, and Benjamin Li, who also represented us in the invitationals earlier this week with NM Mark Hulsey, Oscar Wang, and Elizabeth Braddy. 

Please join us in congratulating and encouraging these players who are representing us so well at the 2021 U.S. Open and Invitationals! 

Singh's on a roll: 1st in the U1000 to 1st in the U1200

PICTURED: Chief TD and organizer Louis Reed presents Viraj Singh with the top U1200 prize at the 4th Annual Queen City of the Prairie Open & Ft. Worth Championships, held July 17 & 18, 2021.

Singh had become Oklahoma

U1000 champion a month before,

at the 76th Oklahoma Open. 


Another triumph, another title for Amburgy

NM Ryan Amburgy adds state blitz title to list of recent wins

Screen Shot 2021-06-13 at 2.25.22 PM.png

In a field that included three National Masters, the current Oklahoma chess champion and last year's blitz champ, NM Ryan Amburgy finished at the top and was named Oklahoma's blitz champion for 2020.

The win comes less than two months after Amburgy became our 2021 scholastic champion and six months after he became a National Master. He'll have a shot at another title later this month, when he plays in the 76th Oklahoma Open.

PHOTO: NM Ryan Amburgy is Oklahoma's 2020 Blitz Champion.

"Better late than never" blitz drew record crowd to Chandler

Turnout for Oklahoma's blitz chess championship has historically been small. Just nine players came in 2012, the first year it was held. Five years later, the 2017 tournament drew 23 players and set the record for our biggest-ever blitz... until this year, which smashed that record by more than double.

Players arrived in droves at the Chandler Baseball Camp on Saturday—many with a parent in tow—filling the tournament hall to capacity and causing the U1000 section to be moved outdoors.

ok blitz crowd.heic

48 players came to Chandler this weekend for the 2020 Oklahoma Blitz Chess Championship—more than double the previous record for this event. This was the fourth time Michael Bay hosted the event at the historic Chandler Baseball Camp. 

Chief TD Joe Veal was assisted by Kelvin Xie, who ran the pairings. The "better late than never" event was the fourth Oklahoma Blitz to be held at the Chandler Baseball Camp. Our deepest thanks to host Michael Bay, who has also offered his beautiful venue for our 2021 Blitz Championship later this year. Don't miss it!


MIT student scores top state title at record-setting OK Open

by Joe Veal


94 chess players from numerous states competed in three sections at the 76th Oklahoma Open, held June 26 & 27 at the Stoney Creek Hotel in Broken Arrow. 

MIT student NM Howard Zhong was the winner of the 45-player Open section with a score of 4.5/5. There was a four-way tie for 2nd with 4.0/5 between NM Ryan Amburgy of Jenks, Kansas scholastic player Luke Tran, OCA Treasurer Jerry Casteel, and rising Tulsa player James Yanik.

Howard Chuck 76th.jpg

PHOTO BY BRUCE WELLS: soon-to-be 2021 Oklahoma Chess Champion NM Howard Zhong had the white pieces in his game vs. outgoing OCA president NM Chuck Unruh.

There were three noteworthy items about this victory: This was the first state championship for Zhong, a graduate of Oklahoma School of Science and Mathematics who is currently a sophomore at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Also, this was the first time in state history a player lost round one, reentered the event in round two to start with .5 out of 1 and swept the final four games to win the title. Finally, Zhong won with the Black pieces against NM Ryan Amburgy. For those who are not that familiar with chess, the person who has the Black pieces moves second and is at a small statistical disadvantage.

There was a four-way tie in the 29-player Under 1600 section. Scoring 4.0/5 were Arkansas player John Tyler Madsen, newly elected OCA President Chris Amburgy, Tulsa player David Beebe, and OSCO scholastic player Stuart Flexner-Bury. After tiebreaks, Amburgy was declared state U1600 champion.

Havish Kunchanapalli from Arkansas had the only perfect score in the Under 1000 section. Yet, this person could not win the U1000 title due to the residency rule. There was a tie at 4.0/5 between OSCO scholastic player Leo Kim and Viraj Singh were the top-scoring Oklahoma players, with 4.0/5 each Tiebreaks favored Singh and he was declared the state U1000 champion.

There will be a few published games from this event in the July edition of the Oklahoma Chess Monthly. Use the link at the top of this page or visit

As the former Vice President of the Oklahoma Chess Association, I would like to thank all of the players, Stoney Creek, the OCA, and TDs Tom Braunlich and Harold Brown for this outstanding event. I would like to see everybody at the next event. View the crosstables here: 76th Oklahoma Open

James Long is Oklahoma's 2019 Chess Champion

January 01, 2020

Players from Texas, New York, Missouri, Kansas and Arkansas were among the 68 players who competed in the 74th Oklahoma Open Championship, held June 29 & 30 in Tulsa. The Open section drew 33 players; 22 competed in the Reserve (U1600), and there were 13 in the Booster (U1000). 

A nine-year-old Texan, Andy Woodward, earned the top score in the Open with 4.5 out of 5 points. James Long was the top Oklahoma player and was named 2019 Oklahoma Chess Champion. Long and Charles D. Unruh both scored 4.0 points.

With 4.5 wins, Joshua Li of Stillwater won the Reserve. Qing Cao came in second with 4.0 points. Istvan Svabad, Miranda Huang, and John Taylor tied for third with 3.5 points each. 

Levi Applegate scored a perfect 5.0 to win the Booster section. Hunter McDougal finished second with 4.0 points. 

Class champions are as follows:

A - Stephen Gehly
B - Maxwell Barnes
C - Istvan Szabad

D - Qing Cao

E - Preston Koloen

10 players represent Oklahoma at the 2019 Texas State & Amateurs

January 01, 2020

Photo: Oklahoma players Adley Bufford and Gabriel Teubner at the 2019 Texas State & Amateur Championships


Oklahoma players made a strong showing at this year's Texas State & Amateur Championships, held May 24-27 in Fort Worth. 

The only Oklahoma player in the championship section, Ryan Amburgy turned in another strong performance against some of the toughest players Texas could throw at him. But the biggest news came from the amateur (U2000) section, where Adley Bufford scored 5.0 (out of 7) and earned a 166-point ratings jump.


Bufford wasn't the only player who brought some Texas rating points back across the Red River. Oklahoma players averaged +65 points at the tournament. The biggest jump came from Benjamin Li of Stillwater, who earned a 245-point gain.

Other Oklahoma players were Shaun Graham, Naren Pullela, Gabriel Teubner, Chris Amburgy, Lafayette Chen, Joshua Li, and Ryan Chen.

Chuck Unruh is Oklahoma's rapid chess champion

January 01, 2020

A last-minute change of venue didn't dissuade Oklahoma chess players from attending the 2nd Oklahoma Rapid Chess Championships. 54 players attended the event, which was held in Broken Arrow on Saturday, March 25 and directed by Charles M. Unruh.

With a perfect 5.0 score, Chuck Unruh took first at this year's inaugural Oklahoma Rapid Chess Championships. Three players tied for second at 4.0 points each: Benjamin Calupitano, Jr., Zade Mayhani, and Raymond Jiang. 

Liam Applegate won the Reserve section, also scoring 5.0. Levi Applegate, Purin Songrug, Craig Reynolds, Scott, and Hayden Shriner each scored 4.0 to tie for second place. 

Patel wins 2019 Frank Berry Memorial

January 01, 2020

(Photo: IM Advait Patel and IM John Donaldson at the 2019 Frank K. Berry Memorial)

56 players competed in three sections at the 2019 Frank K. Berry Memorial, held May 18-19 at the OSU Institute of Technology in Okmulgee.


IM Advait Patel took first place with 4.5 points. The half point was a result of a draw with IM John Donaldson, who finished second with 4.0 points. Thomas Patton scored 3.5 to come in third.

Zade Mahayni won the Reserve (U1800) with 4.5 points. His only draw was against Kelvin Xie, whose 3.5 points landed him in a four-way tie for second with Curtis Williams, Gabriel Teubner, and David Morgan. 

In the Novice (U1200), Raymond Jiang was the clear winner with 4.5 points. His draw was against Elizabeth Braddy, who tied for 2nd place with Lafayette Chen.


January 01, 2020

With a final score of 24-22, Team Oklahoma won the 2019 Red River Shootout. This year's Oklahoma v. Texas event was held April 27 at the Treasure Valley Casino in Davis.

Team OK Captain Phil Stegall scored a perfect 2.0. Other Oklahoma players who went undefeated were Shaun Graham-Bowcaster, Jake Williams, Fisher Smith, Ish Kissinger, Anna Boevers, Elizabeth Braddy, and Zion Wright.

Also playing for Team OK were Wayne Hatcher, Mike Tubbs, Curtis Williams, Larry Deputy, Leon Tolliver, Jimmy Nazario, Paul Hodgen, William Sparks, Harold Brown, Bruce Wells, Logan Zachare, Jim Berry, Eric Jones, Jake Ferguson, and Rubin Wells. 

James Long wins first Tulsa "ConSat" Open

January 01, 2020

(Pictured: Stillwater players Benjamin and Joshua Li. The brothers tied for first in the Novice section)

With a perfect 4.0 score, James Long won the Open division at the February ConSat Open in Tulsa. The four-round tournament was held on two consecutive Saturdays, allowing players to enjoy the long time controls (G90+30) of a two-day tournament without committing a whole weekend or staying in a hotel. Anthony Paolercio finished second with 3.0 points. Istvan Svabad won the Reserve with 4.0 points.

IM John Donaldson to lecture in Tulsa

January 01, 2020

Donaldson is many-time captain of the U.S. Chess Olympic Team and will discuss those adventures, with Q&A, May 17 at 6:30pm at the Harvard Ave Baptist Church in Tulsa, 3235 E. 17th St. Free admission. He will stay to play in the FKB Memorial.

Zhong, Paolercio tie for first in 2018 OCF Holiday Open

January 01, 2020

NM Howard Zhong and Anthony Paolercio tied for first at the 2018 OCF Holiday Open, held December 29 at Harvard Avenue Baptist Church in Tulsa. 

Patel wins 2018 Steve Wharry Classic

January 01, 2020

With a perfect 5.0 score, IM Advait Patel won the Open division at the 2018 Steve Wharry Classic. Tom Patton, Joe Veal, and Ryan Amburgy tied for second place with 3.5 points each. 

Patel, Pullela take division titles at OK Blitz Championship

January 01, 2020

IM Advait Patel won the Championship division at the Oklahoma Blitz Championship, held October 20 at Chandler Baseball Camp. Patel scored 13.5 out of 14 points. Stephen Gehly and Shaun Graham-Bowcaster tied for second with 7.0 points each, and Chuck Unruh finished third with 6.5 points—the half point coming from Unruh's Round 9 draw against Patel. 

In the Reserve, Naren Pullela took first place with 15.5 out of a possible 18 points. Jeremy Brown and Gabriel Teubner tied for second with 11.5 points each, and Adley Bufford came in third with 11.0 points. 

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