About OCA

Board of Directors, 2022-23

Members of the OCA policy board serve two-year terms. Elections are held each year at our membership meeting during the state championship in June.

Chris Amburgy, president

Tom Braunlich, vice president

Harold Brown, treasurer

Chuck Unruh, past president

Rebecca Rutledge, secretary

Paul Covington, at large
Chris Dooley, at large

Joe Veal, at large

The Oklahoma Chess Association is the official state affiliate to the U.S. Chess Federation. Our mission is to promote chess for enjoyment, as an art, and for the benefits it offers our communities. 


We're working hard to grow chess in Oklahoma. If you'd like to support our mission, there are many ways you can help. You could:


  • Help us secure venues for tournaments. One of the biggest challenges facing tournament organizers today is finding affordable venues. If you have a venue in mind that would be ideal for a tournament, don't keep it a secret—let us know!

  • Volunteer at an OSCO tournament or run for a seat on the OSCO board and help organize future events.

  • Sponsor a tournament by donating to the prize fund. Larger prize funds help attract stronger players to Oklahoma tournaments.

  • Become a TD. Our senior TDs are standing by to help train new tournament directors to ensure the future of tournament chess in Oklahoma.

  • Run for a seat on the OCA policy board or make a nomination. Elections are held at the annual membership meeting at the state championship in June.

We encourage you to comment, ask questions, and share your ideas for how we might better serve the Oklahoma chess community.


Send us an email at info@ochess.org or call (405) 642-6136.