The Oklahoma Scholastic Chess Organization (OSCO) runs K-12 tournaments throughout the state during each academic year. For information about hosting a tournament at your school, contact us at

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Upcoming K-12 tournaments

October 22, 2022

University of Tulsa K-12 Open (Tulsa) Registration opens October 6

January 21, 2023

Independence K-12 Open (Yukon)  Registration opens January 6

If your school would like to host an OSCO tournament, please contact us at

The results are in: September 17, 2022 Casady Classic


1st: Daniel Chugunov (5.0/5)

2nd: Jacob So (4.5/5)

3rd: Jarius Adair*, Houston Reynolds, Kenji Cisneros (4.0/5)

TEAMS: #1 Casady, #2 Moore Chess Club


1st: Elijah Leydorf (4.5/5 - won blitz tiebreak)

2nd: Adam Peters (4.5/5)

3rd: Hayden Shriner*, Matthew Andersen, Jonathan Fan, Kiara Pavithran, Joshua Andersen, Bradley Schantz (4.0/5)

TEAMS: #1 Moore Chess Club

#2 Academy of Classical Christian Studies


1st: Aaron Lu (4.0/4)

2nd: Ethan Nguyen (3.5/4)

3rd: Brian Marshall*, Anurag Choudhury, Long Nguyen (3.0/4)

TEAMS: #1 Moore Chess Club 

#2 Casady


1st: Oscar Wang (3.5/4)

2nd: Max Barnes* (3.0/4)

3rd: Elizabeth Braddy* (3.0/4), Raymond Jiang, Joseph Zacharias

TEAMS: #1 Casady #2 Stillwater Chess Club


*won place trophy on tiebreaks


Click here to see photos of the tournament taken by coach Jake Williams. View full tournament results here.  Scroll down for results of past OSCO tournaments.

Get ready for tournament season: Is your player's U.S. Chess membership up to date? 

A U.S. Chess membership is required to play in all rated tournaments. Your child's membership will be honored not only at scholastic tournaments, but also at any rated chess tournament in the United States. 

OSCO will sponsor a one-year membership for new players at no cost to parents. If your player's U.S. Chess membership has expired, you can renew it through us for the discounted price of $10. 

Look up your player here if you're not sure if your player has had a membership before, or if you need to see if it has expired, 


OSCO will only process membership requests for players who are registered in an upcoming tournament.

After your player is registered for an upcoming tournament:

Click here for first-time memberships

Click here to renew an expired membership