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Oklahoma loses USCF Life Member Richard Dermer

USCF Life Member and Oklahoman Richard Dermer passed recently and is remembered in a memorial piece written by fellow Oklahoman Tom Braunlich.

The Second Annual Alekhine Challenge

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The Oklahoma Chess Association

President's Message February 2014

With the new year, my service on the OCA Policy Board soon approaches a decade. I am honored to have your continued trust and confidence. The primary change in OCA leadership over the years aligns more with guiding and less with controlling over the board chess.

Chuck Unruh Wins Election to USCF Executive Board!

When one of the greatest chess players in history takes the time to personally endorse your candidacy to the United States Chess Federation Executive Board, people listen.

Zapata wins Challengers OKC Spring 2014 Chess Open!

Sports Press Release

By Tommy Hay, Challengers Chess Club
Cell: 405-512-4916
March 23, 2014

Zapata wins Challengers OKC Spring 2014 Chess Open!
FIDE expert level chess player 23 year old John “Alexander” Zapata Hincapie wins 1st Place at the Challengers OKC Spring 2014 Open by winning all 4 Rounds. He defeated both former and current Oklahoma state champions on his path to victory.
Current Oklahoma state champion, Charles Unruh, Jr., won 2nd Place, Shaun Graham-Bowcaster placed 3rd, and Dr. J. A. Montero finished 4th.

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Monthly Bughouse Tournaments

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