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Tulsa Fischer Random (Chess 960) Championship

October 21, 2023

Harvard Ave Baptist Church, 17th and Harvard, Tulsa 

Format: 4-SS, G/45+15


Registration: 8:30-9:45AM


Rounds: 10:00, 1:00, 3:00, 5:00


This is a Fischer-Random chess tournament with Rapid Chess, and thus not US Chess rated, but will be played under standard tournament rules with the addition of Fischer-Random starting positions and rules. The rules for Fischer-Random Chess are simple and will be explained at the tournament but are also found here and elsewhere on the web.


Chess960 or “Fischer-Random” is real chess but with semi-randomized starting positions, so that players can’t rely on memorized opening lines and must instead use principles and imagination in the opening phase. Middlegame and endgame play is the same. We hope to make these regular events if there is enough support for this exciting format.


Starting positions: a different one will be chosen at the start of each round and used for all players that round. Players will get 5 minutes to think about the opening before the play actually begins.


Entry Fee: $20 payable at the tournament by check or cash. Players are encouraged to email the organizer at if they intend to play. 


US Chess membership is NOT REQUIRED.


Guaranteed Prizes: 1st-$200.00, Top U1800- $100, Top U1400/Unrated-$100


A 1-year  USChess membership will be awarded to the top scoring  nonmember



Door Prizes: Will be awarded to players at the start of round 4 — by random drawing of course


• 2 $25 Gift Cards.


• The book Play Stronger Chess by Examining Chess960


• The book Adventures in Fischer-Random Chess

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