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If you're new to tournaments, welcome! We have some extra information that will help you get a great start. Look for the yellow arrow, follow the links, and be sure to contact us if you have questions. (405) 642-6136 or

The HCP 12+ Open

For teens (12+) and adults

Saturday, February 3, 2024
Harding Charter Prep High School
1301 NE 101st Street
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma


This tournament is for adults and teens (12+). For younger players, check out the Rated G open on February 4.


Doors open at noon. Registered players must check in and pay their entry fee by 12:45. If space is still available, late registration will be open from 12 to 12:30. Players who register after 12:30 will receive a half-point bye in round one.

Rounds:  1:00, 2:15, 3:30, 4:45


Format: 4-SS, G/30;d5

Four rounds, Swiss. Game in 30 minutes with a five-second delay.

Dual rated (affects both regular and quick). Published regular rating used for pairings.

New players: Learn how to read tournament formats here.

Sections & prizes

U1300 & Open. Trophies for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in each section.


Blitz tiebreaks used for first-place ties only. Mathematical tiebreaks used for all others. 

New players: Learn about tiebreak systems here.


Bring your own clock. Sets and scoresheets are provided.


Sign up online and pay your $20 entry fee at the door. 

US Chess membership required.  If you do not have a US Chess membership or yours will have expired by Feb. 3, you can pay for it when you sign up for the tournament.


                     New players: Learn more about US Chess membership here.


Call Rebecca Rutledge at (405) 642-6136 or send an email to

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