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If you're new to tournaments, welcome! We have some extra information that will help you get a great start. Look for the  yellow highlights,  follow the links, and be sure to contact us if you have questions. (405) 642-6136 or

Oops! You caught us between tournaments! Check back soon for information about our next event.



Format:  rounds, time control, affects reg/quick/blitz

If G/30 or G/45: Dual rated (affects both regular and quick). Published regular rating is used for pairings purposes. 

Sections: section, section, section. Must be within 100 points to play up to Premier (+$10)



Trophy section? For first-place ties, winner is determined by a blitz tiebreak round. Mathematical tiebreaks to determine all others. To learn more about these tiebreak systems, click here.


ByesOne half-point bye available in any round. Last-round byes must be requested prior to the start of the tournament. All others: must request before round three is paired. What's a bye?


9 to 9:30 Onsite registration Registration has closed.
10:00 Round one

Lunch break after round one

12:30 Round two 

Rounds three and four will begin ASAP following the previous round.


Titled players: free entry. (EF will be deducted from prize.) Just send an email with your name and US Chess ID number.


All others, $25 EF by August 24.  $20 for seniors (65+), full-time college students with ID, and siblings under 18 (when two or more siblings are being registered). Discounted entries must be received by the Thursday before the event. 


Late/onsite entries:


How to register:

  • Online using the link below (recommended)

  • On tournament day between 9 and 9:30 a.m. Anyone registering after 9:30 will receive a half-point bye in the first round.​

  • Seniors may register by sending an email to or calling (405) 642-6136.

Current US Chess membership required. Check your expiration date hereNew players: membership cost ranges from $... read more  

Bring your own board and clock. New players: Boards and pieces must meet US Chess equipment standards. Read more

Need equipment? We recommend Wholesale Chess.  Shop clocks  Shop sets


Questions? (405) 642-6136 or

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