Stillwater Scholastic Open

at Stillwater Middle School
2200 S. Sangre Rd., Stillwater, OK 74074

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Saturday, December 11, 2021

Player check-in and late registrations from 8:00 a.m. to 8:30.
All players must check in by 8:30.
Round One at 9:30 following general announcements.

Advance entry fee: $25

Register online by 5 p.m. Thursday, December 9.


Late entries: $35
Register and pay at the door. Paypal/credit/debit only (no cash or checks accepted).


USCF rated
A current U.S. Chess membership is required. Affects regular and quick rating.

Sections & prizes

General information
Swiss (no eliminations) Best of USCF/CXR ratings used for pairings purposes. Players may “play up” 100 points based on highest rating (request in advance). Players may request one half-point bye in any except the last round (check in with TD to be paired after missing a round!) Sections with fewer than six players will be merged with adjacent section for pairing purposes only (does not affect awards).

A team is defined as two or more players from the same school (or registered club) in the same section or in combined sections 4 & 5.

Sets are provided. Bring your clock if you have one. Clocks are required in sections 5 & 6; if neither player has a clock and all OSCO clocks are used on higher boards, the match will be declared a forfeit draw. 

Tiebreaks for 1st-place individual trophies:
 1. Head-to-head result  |  2. blitz game  |  3. Armageddon game
If there was a head-to-head match, that result is used. If not, players break tie with a G/5 blitz match. If result is not decisive, Armageddon tiebreak is used: black wins draw and white has 6 minutes vs. 5 minutes. 

Computer tiebreaks are used for 2nd & 3rd place.

Complete OSCO tournament rules can be found here.

Sets are provided. Bring your clock if you have one. Clocks are required in sections 4 & 5. If neither player has one and all OSCO clocks are in use, the match will be declared a forfeit draw. If you purchase a clock, we recommend the DGT North American from wholesalechess.com.

Covid policy:
Masks are recommended. We ask that you help us maintain a safe environment by limiting the number of non-playing family members who attend.

Cancellation policy:

Cancel via email to okscholasticchess@gmail.com by 5 p.m. Thursday, December 9.


Send an email to okscholasticchess@gmail.com.