OCA policy board minutes, 6/27/2021

76th Oklahoma Open State Championship

OCA annual business meeting & elections

Stoney Creek Hotel & Conference Center, Broken Arrow

Sunday, June 27, 2021 The meeting convened at 8:00 a.m.

In attendance: Chris Amburgy 2020-21 at-large Tom Braunlich Harold Brown Steve Byas Jerry Casteel Paul Covington Chris Dooley Stephen Gehly 2020-21 at-large Shaun Graham-Bowcaster James Gray 2020-21 treasurer Rebecca Rutledge Bruce Wells Rubin Wells Chuck Unruh 2020-21 president Joe Veal 2020-21 vice president

Logan Zachare

not present: Charles Unruh 2020-21 secretary James Bedenbaugh 2020-21 at-large New business

  • Motion from Chuck Unruh to hold election of new board members was approved.

  • Chris Amburgy was elected to the office of president.

  • Harold Brown was elected to the office of vice president.

  • Jerry Casteel was elected to the office of treasurer.

  • Rebecca Rutledge was elected to the office of secretary.

  • Paul Covington was elected to an at-large position.

  • Steven Gehly was elected to an at-large position.

  • Joe Veal was elected to an at-large position.

  • Chuck Unruh will serve in an advisory capacity in his position as past president.

  • Joe Veal was elected USCF delegate for Oklahoma. Paul Covington is the alternate.

  • ochess.org has been updated to reflect the new and re-elected board members.*

  • A motion to plan a Seniors tournament* in early 2022 was approved.

  • Harold Brown volunteered to organize the event.

  • Jerry Casteel volunteered to TD.

  • In addition to a seniors tournament, Harold Brown suggested a broader initiative to encourage greater participation among Oklahoma’s senior players.

  • The need for new venues was discussed, particularly for the 77th Oklahoma Open.

  • Tom Braunlich said the Holiday Inn Tulsa is a possibility.

  • Rubin Wells and Rebecca Rutledge (and possibly Josie Braddy) will investigate possible venues in the Oklahoma City area.

  • Jerry Casteel told us about the South Dakota Governor’s Cup, for which corporate donations are solicited for prize funds and IMs/GMs are brought in for side events (simuls, lectures etc.) The possibility of holding a similar event in Oklahoma was discussed.

  • Such an event would need to be planned six months to one year in advance.

  • A senior TD would be required.

  • Paul Covington suggested that obtaining at 501(c)3 designation would strengthen the organization’s ability to attract donations (for a Governor’s Cup-type event or for other purposes).

  • Harold Brown and Rebecca Rutledge agreed that this could be worth looking into.

  • Jim Gray disagreed, saying a 501(c)3 was unnecessary and that the requirements were too onerous to merit such a move.

  • It was pointed out that since Oklahoma Scholastic Chess Organization is a 501(c)3, donations for a tournament with a scholastic side event could be solicited through OSCO.

  • Tom Braunlich suggested that Oklahoma Chess Monthly might serve as the state’s official USCF affililate publication as required by OCA bylaws.

  • Chris Amburgy plans to discuss this with Tom and report to the board.

  • Tom Braunlich told members and the board about a new chess club to be held Saturday afternoons (1:30—) upstairs at Harvard Avenue Baptist Church in Tulsa. The first meeting is planned for July 11.

  • Also in Tulsa, the Friday-night group that meets at Panera Bread is still active, and the “Chess Fools” Zoom group still meets on Saturday mornings.

  • Steve Byas presented information about a new weekly chess club in Norman.

  • ochess.org* has been updated with listings for these clubs.

Oklahoma Scholastic Chess update

OSCO president Chris Amburgy said board elections for that organization will be held soon.

Treasurer’s report

2019-2020 OCA treasurer Jim Gray presented the financial report through 2020.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:45 a.m.

OCA policy board general meeting, 6_27_2021
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