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Registration starts  Thursday, March 9 and ends at midnight on Thursday, March 23.

 No registrations will be accepted after the deadline.

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The 2023 Albert Rine Memorial

Oklahoma State Grade Championships

Saturday, March 25, 2023
Washington Elementary
600 48th Ave. SE in Norman, Oklahoma



Five rounds, Game in 25 minutes with no delay (affects quick rating only).  PLEASE BRING YOUR OWN CLOCK IF YOU HAVE ONE. 


Register your player in the section corresponding to their their school grade. A champion will be named for each of grades 2 through 12 and for combined grades K & 1. Sections with fewer than six players will be combined with the smallest adjacent section for pairings purposes only.



Trophies for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place individuals in each of grades 2 through 12 and in combined K & 1. Outstanding performance trophies for 4.0 points. Medals for 3.0 points.  Team trophies for 1st & 2nd place in grades 2 through 10 and for combined grades K/1 and 11/12. 


Before the tournamentcheck your player's section and school/team code.  If something doesn't look right, alert us right away at

9:0Doors open. There is no check-in requirement, but new players are encouraged to come early so we can answer any questions you may have.

10:00 Round One for all sections will begin following announcements in the playing hall. Subsequent rounds are paired ASAP with a break for lunch. 


  • No eliminations! Every player plays every round.

  • Parents are not permitted in the playing room during rounds, and players must exit when their match is finished.

  • Mobile devices are prohibited on the tournament floor. If the player's device cannot be left with a parent or coach, it must be turned off and kept out of sight. Failure to comply could result in a forfeit loss.

  • It is the player's responsibility to know and understand the rules by which our tournaments are governed. We ask that all players and parents read OSCO's rules before the tournament.  Read them here and call/text (405) 642-6136 if you  have questions.


  • SETS are provided for tournament games, but players are encouraged to bring their own for skittles (waiting area).

  • CLOCKS Bring your own clock if you have one. Shop tournament clocks at Wholesale Chess

  • SCORESHEETS Notation is not required in any section at this tournament. 



1. Head-to-head results.

2. Computer tiebreaks* to eliminate all but the top two players.

3. Two-game G/5 blitz match between the top two remaining players.

4. Armageddon game. Visit the rules page for more information.

*OSCO uses the U.S. Chess-recommended order of computer tiebreaks. These are 1. Modified Median, 2. Solkoff, 3. Cumulative, 4. Cumulative of Opposition. Click here to learn about these tiebreak systems.


Register by March 23 using the form on this page (opens March 9). Oklahoma resident players only. Entry is $30.  Parents registering three or more siblings at the same time: $20/player. Current US Chess membership is required. 


REFUND POLICY: Upon request we will refund entry fees for cancellations emailed to before the registration deadline.

Call (405) 642-6136 or send an email to

Registration has ended for this event.

This field is for members of registered club teams only. All others, skip this section and your player will be placed on a team with their school or homeschool group.

If your player belongs to a registered club team, select it here:

NOTE TO PARENTS: Please tell us if you have to cancel or miss the first round! Even if it's past the deadline, we need to know not to pair your player for round one.

To cancel before the deadline:

Late or same-day cancellations: text (707) 685-7045

Some users are getting an error message when they click "go to registration step 2." If this happens to you, try clearing your cache or using a different browser.

Still having trouble? Use this link to go to registration without re-submitting this form:

Registration for this event ended at midnight on Thursday, March 23.

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