Oklahoma Scholastic Invitationals Standings (updated August 19, 2022)

Denker Tournament of High School State Champions

Barber Tournament of Middle School State Champions


Rockefeller Tournament of Elementary State Champions

Haring Tournament of Girls State Champions

Points shown are the sum points of the player's best two tournaments so far this season. To calculate the final total, each player's top two regular-season scores will be added to his or her state championship score times two.

Each year OSCO selects four individuals to represent the state of Oklahoma in the  Denker National Tournament of High School (grades 9-12) State Champions, the Barber National Tournament of Middle School (grades 6-8) State Champions, Rockefeller National Tournament of Elementary School (grades K-5) State Champions and the Haring National Tournament of Girls State Champions (grades K-12).  Points will be awarded to players in the Premier Section (with the exception of the State Championship, where Barber and Rockefeller contenders will participate in the 6-9 Open and K-6 Open, respectively) at the following qualifying events:

  • September 17, 2022 at Casady School

  • January 21, 2023 at Yukon Independence Middle School

  • We hope to add more dates. 


and at the Oklahoma Scholastic State Championship (date/venue TBA), at which Barber and Rockefeller/ contenders will participate in the 6–9 Open and the K–6 Open, respectively, and girls who wish to compete for the Haring will play in an all-girls' section.


The player with the highest total number of points (the sum of their two best OSCO regular-season events + their final score at the state championship multiplied by two) will be the Oklahoma nominee. Participation in the state championship is mandatory. If the Oklahoma primary nominee declines the opportunity to play, then the player with the next highest score will become the primary nominee.


The player must meet all qualifications specified under the USCF rules for the invitational tournaments.  


Female participants may compete for either the Haring or for whichever of the Denker/Barber/Rockefeller is appropriate to their school grade.

Tiebreaks to determine invitational representatives


If points are tied in any of the invitational categories, the following tiebreaks will be used, in this order:

  1. Head-to-head result at State Championship

  2. Head-to-head results at all qualifying events that academic year

  3. A match consisting of two (alternating colors) G/60;d5 games will be held at a time/place TBD.

  4. The final tiebreaker will be an Armageddon match.