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Spectator Policy

Spectators are not permitted in the playing hall while games are being played. Players must exit the playing hall after finishing their games and reporting their scores.

When the first round is paired, parents are encouraged to accompany their players as they find their boards and listen to morning announcements. You may remain for the first five minutes of the first round only to observe your player and take a photo. After the first five minutes, we will ask you to return to the waiting area.

Parents who wish to escort their players into the playing hall for rounds 2–5 may do so. But since there will be games in progress and we will thus need to keep the playing hall quiet, no talking while finding your child's board, please, and return to the waiting area immediately once they are seated.


Sets are provided for tournament games, but players are encouraged to bring their own for skittles (waiting area).


Clocks are provided in U1200 and Premier, but players with approved clocks may use them in all sections. If you have one, please bring it.  If you need a clock, please consider purchasing one of these tournament-suitable clocks from Wholesale Chess. A portion of each sale will be donated to OSCO. 

Scoresheets and pencils are provided. Notation is required in Premier and encouraged in all sections.


For general tournament or registration questions, requests to change section or team affiliation, or cancellations before the registration deadline, send an email to

For payment questions or refund requests made before the registration deadline send an email to


ICYMI: OSCO tournament rules (please read!) can be found here: RULES


If you must cancel the day before or the morning of the tournament or if you are running late, please text us at  707-685-7045. This allows our tournaments to start on time and eliminates pairing players with opponents who don't show up. Thank you!

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